Andi Ray

Founder. Sticky-note writer. Woman. Wife. Mom. Follower of Jesus.

This project started February 1st, 2017. I’ve been at it for 102 days! Daily Rayminders started during a time of desperation for me. I needed to learn how to retrain my mind to have positive, uplifting, encouraging thoughts rather than the destructive thoughts that were storming around my brain.

In an effort to get to better physical health, I knew I needed to work on my mental and emotional health that was weighing me down. Let face it: if we aren’t holistically healthy, then we aren’t healthy at all.

NO MORE. I decided enough was enough. I was not made to live following lies. I was made to live in truth.

The Goal:

We will visualize each challenge daily and focus on one small thing at a time.

Do you know what one small stone weighs? Almost nothing. But do you know how much hundreds of small stones weigh? A LOT. It does make a difference. Even if you don’t see it the first couple weeks. But stick with it. Because eventually, those bits and pieces of truth you are focusing on and relearning will add up to something huge!

We’ll talk about most things on this website. Personal challenges. Truths, Lyrics. Restructuring Emotional Eating habits. Physical truths. Self-care. You name it.
Looking forward to continuing this journey with you.


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