Day 143

Right now, I’m currently elevating my ankle, icing it, and snuggling with my husband and kittens while watching Lord of the Rinngs (because, let’s be honest, there is no better way to pass the weeks of no weight bearing šŸ˜‰). Perfect time to finally update my project. I saw this quote today and it resonated with me. So many fears popped up these last two weeks. Destructive lies I thought I was dealing with. Things I thought I was getting stronger at but turns out I am still weak in. A lot of my dreams were reduced to a flicker when I fell down those stairs. A lot of fears started building. A lot of bad habits came back in my weakness. So many things have gone haywire. I had different goals for my life than just surviving day by day, but that is where I am. I haven’t let it be known here, but at the same time of my surgery, my youngest kid (17 months) was taken in to the doc and then immediately referred to a pediatric neurologist to find out why he has developed Ptosis in his eye. We are waiting (I’ll admit anxiously) for the next two-three weeks for a intensive blood test to come back with results and information as to why he has developed a drooping eyelid. The doctor wants to rule out reasons, mild to severe. What am I fearing? The future, the uncontrollable, the answers, the lack of exercise, the muscle athrophy, the starting over with my physical fitness journey, the temptation for emotionally eating, the inactivity, to name a few… I seriously asked my husband if I should give up @DailyRayminders because of not knowing what to say. He said “no” because he is an amazing encourager. So here I am. A woman trying to remember to dream again and let hope flicker and hold on to Jesus in these long slow-moving days. #dailyrayminders #day143 #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #daily #reminders #sharpie #postit #spiritualhealth #physicalhealth #dream #holdon 


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