Day 115

I first heard this word in relation to my best friend. She was given it as a compliment and we were discussing it afterwards. I had to look up the definition because I had no clue what it meant. Unflappable means: having or showing calmness in a crisis. 
As soon as I found out what it meant, I fell in love with this word and the definition. She fits this word perfectly and I loveeee to continue this compliment with her. She exudes this trait. She looks at mess, at crisis, at life’s disappointments, and at things normal people avoid, and rolls up her sleeves and embraces it with a strength and calmness unequal to most. She is unflappable. 
I’m not saying she doesn’t have  downright horrible days, because I’ve been in the trenches with her. But each time, she stands up, prays for strength and peace, and does it again. She inspires me and challenges me to be unflappable. #dailyrayminders #day115 #beunflappable 


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