Day 114

😬👆🏼did I just write that? Yep. Sorry- I didn’t promise this would be easy… Or mess-free.
In fact, one of the hardest things for me when trying to get healthy is the temptation to emotionally eat. One. Freaking. Day. It only takes one stress-filled day to send me into cravings. Ouch. That hurts to say out loud. But I’m not going to sugar coat it (lol. Bad pun). I can have 30 good days and I still feel my body start to crave sweets and French fries when I hit a bad day. Yesterday I literally had my husband take the jelly beans from the fridge (special treat from USA) because of the temptation to emotionally eat. 

But see? That’s why I believe that becoming holistically healthy is the most important way. Imagine if I did a crash diet/weightloss program and lost all the weight. Great right? Nope. 1) I’m exhausted from being hungry all the time and not feeding my body a healthy balanced diet. 2) I would be back where I started the first time I have a bad day. In that scenario I only changed physically. The lies and destructive patterns would still be there. 

114 days in with my challenge and there IS progress… slow and steady. I consider that victory. I recognize now when I am emotionally craving something (instead of physically needing it) and usually it is followed by accountability. Removing myself from the situation, dealing with the bad day differently, husband removing the temptation, texting my bestie for support… always some sort of action. It’s a process of changing inside as well as the outside. 

Today’s #dailyrayminder is a heavy one that is filled with a blunt truth and good reminder. Honestly, it makes me feel a little exposed sharing all this. I feel like emotional eating isn’t generally talked about and shrugged off because it’s not one of the “big eating problems”. But eating to soothe negative emotions and then hating the feeling after is a destructive pattern.. and maybe you struggle with this too and want to overcome it. The best way I know how is one little #rayminder at a time.


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