Day 107

This post isn’t really about sand. Well…not totally. I like sand. Sand is pretty. Sandy locations are where my tropical soul loves to be. Heck, we even live near sand. But to me, sand is only fun when it’s on my feet. Otherwise, my tactile self gets annoyed at the grainy texture on me. Sand goes EVERYWHERE and stays everywhere. Therefore, unless I am willing to commit and be uncomfortable, I stay sand-free (apart from my feet šŸ˜‰). Here’s the problem though: My kids loveeeeee sand. Sand in the hair. Sand in the face. Eating sand. Throwing sand. Building with sand. So. Much. Sand. And so, I tend to sit on the sidelines watching my kids play… or be on my phone catching up on the latest social sites. Point is- I don’t just dive in to experience life with my kids sometimes in order to remain “comfortable”. So, I was challenged today to get uncomfortable, get sandy, and play with my kids. (Ps. They loved it.šŸŽ‰ I loved it. šŸŽ‰ But also PTL for hoses and water to wash off afterward šŸ˜ ) So my challenge to you is this: Get uncomfortable. Don’t stay where it’s comfy… because you might be missing out on something amazing. 


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