Why Daily Rayminders?

A low point. That is where this started. I realized I was stuck. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. You name it. I reached a point of having such a negative view of myself that I knew I needed a shift in mindset. I kept thinking, “I would never say these things mentally to someone else. How do I say them to myself?” I was focusing on lies that were storming through my head, instead of truths that brought relief. Starting Daily Rayminders came from a point of realizing that I needed to get back to a healthy lifestyle- including mental health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health.

So, in order to start the process of change, I knew I needed to challenge myself. But where would I start? Well, I am thankful that 1) a loving best friend kicked my butt (metaphorically) and 2) I decided enough was enough. NO. MORE. EXCUSES.

But… It seems impossible to switch a mindset that had been developed over years. You know, the little lies that add up day by day, creating a massive lie that you believe. How do you change that? How do you relearn something so ingrained in you?

Then came the idea. I’m a visual learner. I love to focus on words or pictures that I see and hey! I just so happened to buy a bunch of sticky-notes for no reason. PERFECT. Each day, I would write something down that was either positive, constructive, truthful, encouraging, or challenging.

It started off as #challengeto25 (as I made this decision on my 24th birthday) but then realized how much this could encourage other people after MORE friends talked with me.

I kept it private for so long because the words, “What if I fail?” was running throughout my head.

Well. Here I am…. 102 days later. STILL AT IT.

And therein lies the birth of #dailyrayminders

…because habits are formed one small step at a time with consistency.

We all need reminders. We all need little bits of truth to focus on daily.

And with that, that is how I am changing negative habits- by one sticky-note a day.

Join Me?


2 thoughts on “Why Daily Rayminders?

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  1. Hey Andy!! This’s great! Nice blog and I love to see you here… There’s another blogger and this is my chance to encourage my self too by your reminders. I believe that God has spoken to you to bless other peoples by your reminders and one day there are so many peoples be grateful to you because of these. Keep inspiring! God bless!


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