Day 186

@hillsongunited 's #NotToday from their album #Wonder is where it's at. These lyrics stopped me as I was listening to the song today. I imagined everything that has happened recently and Fear thinking this exact thing. The song continues into a declaration, "I'll sing the night into the morning, I'll sing the fear into Your... Continue Reading →


Days 149-157

​"Let no one lose heart on account of these giants." -King David.   I heard a talk by Louie Giglio a couple days ago titled, "Goliath Must Fall" and it was incredibly encouraging. Look it up on YouTube.  I've been completely silent with @daily_rayminders on account of not knowing what to focus on or share publicly... Continue Reading →

Day 148

So thankful tonight for my friend, Barbara Harvey and random questions that lead to beautiful conversations. Encouraging to remember God's faithfulness and His timing through our stories. If you don't know her, you need to! Her story is beautiful. Watch it here: #dreamtodare #dailyrayminders #day148 #sharpie #postit 

Day 143

Right now, I'm currently elevating my ankle, icing it, and snuggling with my husband and kittens while watching Lord of the Rinngs (because, let's be honest, there is no better way to pass the weeks of no weight bearing 😉). Perfect time to finally update my project. I saw this quote today and it resonated... Continue Reading →

Day 134 & 135

Guys. I was completely out of it/ unable to write it for the past couple days. Here are some things I've been trying to focus on daily✌🏼 #dailyrayminders #surgery #physicalhealth #emotionalhealth

Day 131

I still have a lottttt of dreams in spite of this major setback. Many feel like they are on the back burner, but I keep them alive by still dreaming and setting goals to crush. #dailyrayminders #day131 #dream #goalstocrush #justasetback #notasitback

Day 130

Time for something encouraging! Celebrated 5 years married to my favorite guy. #dailyrayminders #day130 #encouraging

Day 129

Wow guys... I can't be anything but honest with you. I broke today. Surgery was delayed because I caught a stomach virus. I am in control of nothing and it's so hard. Taking it moment by moment is all I can do. Dancing in the minefield tonight as my husband and I spend some quality... Continue Reading →

Day 128

Life, you know? Surgery tomorrow to repair my torn ligaments. It's tough to hear, "if you want to be active again, you need the surgery." Taking it one moment at a time. #dailyrayminders #day128 #postit #sharpie

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